drug factory clean up
cannabis farm clean up
  • Drug dens
  • Drug factories/farms
  • Brothels
  • Drug rehabilitation houses
  • Squats
  • Public toilets
Needles may be hidden in furniture, wall cavities, underneath carpets and
suspended ceilings so we would always advise people to be cautious when
entering a property suspected to contain needles and syringes.
Extreme Cleaning UK provides a collection and disposal service of used
needles from:

All needles, syringes and sharps must not be discarded in general household
waste and must be disposed of at the correct waste disposal facility. Failure
to do so could result in a needle stick injury that can pose a threat of
contracting life altering viruses such as HIV or hepatitis through
contaminated blood.
  • Vets
  • Body piercers
  • Tattooists
  • Pharmacies
  • GPS
The chemicals used in the process of meth production may contaminate a
property, by being absorbed, spilled or vaporised. A full decontamination of
the property is required. Absorbent materials, such as carpeting, clothing,
and furniture, can accumulate dust or splattered chemicals during
“cooking.”  These materials should be considered for disposal, even if an
odour or discolouration is not present.
..After the meth lab has been declared safe for entry, but before chemicals
and equipment are removed, only authorized people should enter the
property.  These people should wear, at a minimum, protective eye, hand and
foot covering.  Disposable gloves and a disposable biohazard suit is
recommended.  If toxic fumes or vapors are suspected, only trained
professionals should enter and clean the building with appropriate safety
..Needles and other drug paraphernalia are usually present in drug
manufacturing properties and pose a serious threat of contracting HIV and
hepatitis due to airborne and bloodborne pathogens. All needles must be
disposed of at the correct waste disposal facilities.
Cannabis Farm operations are major problem for police and property
If cultivation of cannabis has occurred in a rental property or business
premises you may decide a thorough deep cleaning of the premises is
required. Needles, lingering odours and plant cuttings might be present.
Once the site has been swept for needles and all wasted removed, our highly
trained operatives  can then commence the decontamination process.
Using the latest in cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions.
Extreme cleaning UK provides a comprehensive and thorough needle sweep
and disposal of any site that has a high probability of sharps being present.
Premises such as:
Methamphetamine (meth) is made by combining household chemicals such
as brake fluid, lighter fluid, drain cleaner and iodine, known as cooking.
Many of these chemicals used in the "cooking" process can be harmful when
exposed. Vapours that may be present in active meth labs can cause lung
damage, chemical burns and death.
..Heating solvents inside a building can create a highly flammable situation;
meth labs are often discovered when emergency services respond to a fire.
Extreme Cleaning UK provides a comprehensive decontamination service of
drug dens and squats.
Premises used by drug users pose a threat to the health and safety of the
public with the presence of needles, syringes and other drug paraphernalia.
There is a risk contracting HIV and hepatitis from airborne and blood borne
pathogens that can exist in  blood and body fluids. Drug dens are often used
for prostitution making the site hazardous due to body fluids and
contraceptives.  Using the latest cleaning techniques and advanced chemicals
Extreme Cleaning UK's highly trained operatives can undertake even the
most challenging of situations.