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Legal And Financial

Legal And Financial

Care Advice

Although our nerds are working constantly to keep the info on these pages up to date, please seek independent financial advice before signing up to any legally binding care contract.


Care Home Contracts

Complain About A Care Home In England

Complain About A Care Home In Scotland

Complain About A Care Home In Wales

Complain About A Care Home In Northern Ireland

Living Wills

Making A Complaint

Depriving A Resident Of  Liberty

Forced Into A Care Home

Forced Out Of A Care Home

Responsibility For Parents Care Home Fees

Deputyship Orders

Visiting Family In Care Home During A Family Dispute

Care Home Quality Assurance And Standards

Power Of Attorney In England

Power Of Attorney In Wales

Power Of Attorney In Scotland

Power Of Attorney In Northern Ireland


Who Pays For Care

Care Home Costs/ Fees

Care Home Costs/ Fees Advice

Care Home Top Up Fees

NHS Funded Nursing Care

NHS Continuing Care Funding

Financial Assessment For Care Home Fees

Selling A Jointly Owned Home To Pay For Care Home Fees

Putting A Property Into A Trust To Dodge Care Home Fees

Moving Into A Care Home Affecting Your Pension

Reducing Your Assets To Avoid Care Home Fees

Attendance Allowance In Care Homes

Paying For A Care Home When Your Money Runs Out

Who's Responsible For Unpaid Fees After Death

Deferred Payment Agreements To Pay For Care Fees

Equity Release To Pay For Care Fees

Immediate Needs Annuity To Pay For Care

Paying For Home Care

Carer's Allowance

Claiming Benefits While Receiving Home Care

Financial Assessment For Home Care

Personal Independence Payment

Employment And Support Allowance

Attendance Allowance To Help Fund Home Care

Direct Payments For Care