Needles may also be hidden within the property either from ongoing health
concerns or drug use, so extra care must be taken to ensure the safety of the
cleaning operatives and the household occupants.
..Years of hoarding/collecting can severely damage the structure of the
properties walls, floors and ceilings as well as internal fixtures resulting in
major building repairs being required.
..Extreme cleaning UK can undertake even the most challenging of situations
with a sympathetic and non judgemental approach with complete discretion.
Using the latest decontamination techniques and chemicals our highly
trained operatives will leave the premises clear and germ free.
  • Buildings occupied by squatters
  • Illegal traveller sites
  • Protest sites
  • Hoarders/collectors homes
  • Drug dens
  • Void/derelict properties
Mass waste and fly tipped rubbish has a high risk of containing hazardous
materials such as used needles, which carry a danger of HIV and hepatitis
from bloodborne pathogens found in infected blood. Foul and offensive
waste such as human feces could also be present.
..Extreme Cleaning UK hold all the relevant
waste licences and all waste is disposed of at the correct government
approved facilities.
De cluttering is a recent term used to describe the clearance and organisation
of a hoarders or collectors belongings, popularised by reality TV programs.
Sadly this is a misrepresentation of the clearance of such dwellings.
..The reality is many hoarders/collectors properties are filled with years of
undiscarded waste such as decaying food and packaging, paper, clothing
and a possibility of animal and human waste. In some instances decomposing
pets and vermin may be present. Living within theses conditions is not only
unhygienic but can lead to health problems and an increased level of stress,
embarrassment and poor social interactions.    
Extreme Cleaning UK specialise in the removal and safe disposal of all
accumulated waste.  
Situations such as:
When a property has been occupied by squatters or tenants that have
maliciously damaged a property, large amounts of household waste, drug
paraphernalia and human waste may be present, and a clean up operation
will be required. Biohazard waste such as needles and human waste harbour
infectious dangers such as HIV and hepatitis, and need to be disposed of in
the correct manner.
Once the premises have been cleared of any potential hazards and mass
waste removed, the deep clean up operation can begin. A thorough
decontamination of the property using advanced chemicals to sanitise and
deodorise is undertaken leaving the property safe to re inhabit.