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Health And Wellbeing

health and wellbeing

Care Advice

Although our nerds are working constantly to keep the info on these pages up to date, please seek professional advice if you area affected by any of the subjects below.

Mental Health

Mental Health Conditions

What Happens If You Get Sectioned

Getting Admitted To A Mental Health Hospital

What's It Like Being Hospitalised For Mental Health

Coping With Bereavement

Spotting Mental Health Issues

Forcing Someone To Get Help With Mental Health

Caring For Someone With Mental Health At Home

Hoarding Disorder

Eating Disorders

What's Dissociation


Burnout Amongst Carers

Respite Care for Parents Of A Disabled Child

Learning Disabilities

What's A Learning Disability

Types Of Learning Disabilities

What's Autism

What's Disabled Students Allowance

Living With Multiple Learning Disabilities In A Care Home

Benefits For People With Learning Disabilities

Supported Living


Staying Healthy In Old Age

Dehydration In Older people

Staying Busy

Healthy Diet

Elderly Illnesses

Healthy Bones

Urinary Tract Infections


Holidays With Care

Preventing Falls

Assistive Technology


Using Tech In Older Age

Household Gadgets

Physical Disabilities

Types Of Physical Disability

Your Legal Rights When Disabled

Diagnosing Disabilities

What's Macular Degeneration

What's Dysphagia

What's Motor Neurone Disease

Home Adaptations For The Elderly And Disabled

Driving With A Disability - Blue Badge Scheme

Using Public Transport With A Disability

Diagnosing A Learning Disability

Claiming Disability Premiums

What's Multiple Sclerosis

What's Parkinson's Disease


Early Signs Of Dementia

Types Of Dementia

What's Vascular Dementia

What's Frontotemporal Dementia

What's Alzheimer's Disease

What's Pick's Disease

What's Lewy Body Dementia

Reducing The Risk Of Dementia

Moving Into A Care Home With Dementia

Challenging Behaviour With Dementia

Caring For Someone With Dementia

What's Sundowning

Communicating With Someone With Dementia

Music Therapy And Dementia

dementia language

dementia Dolls

What's Confabulation

Memory Aids For Dementia

What's Korsakoff Syndrome

Hallucinations In Dementia

Delusions In Dementia

Hallucinations In Dementia

Delusions In Dementia

Some Rare Types Of Dementia

What's Young Onset Dementia