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Vision/hearing/speech impairment
Lack of coordination
Lack of self control
Fits of anger
Irrational behaviour
Numbness and tingling of hands, feet, fingers, toes or lips
Muscle weakness
Trembling hands, feet, lips, eyelids or tongue
Loss of  memory
Unable to concentrate
Rotting food waste
After a death
Sewage leak
Unsanitary conditions
Symptoms associated with mercury poisoning are:
Extreme Cleaning UK ensures respirators and protective clothing are
worn at all times by our highly trained technicians during all bird waste
cleanups, due to the adverse health risks. Before any cleanup operation is
undertaken a specifically engineered biocide is used to treat the
contaminated area to kill any harmful bacteria and germs present.
After the feces have been correctly decontaminated the delicate task of
securing the waste ready for incineration can begin. The process of
removing the waste is often made more dangerous due to the extreme
locations pigeons tend to nest. After all pigeon feces is removed, the entire
site is again treated with a biocide to eradicate all deadly bacteria.
Safety measures to follow:

Household chemicals such as bleach should NEVER be used as they will
react violently with mercury, releasing a toxic gas.
..Never vacuum the affected area as this will contaminate the machine and
result in the airborne release of vaporised mercury.
..A mop or broom should not be used as these will become contaminated
and spread the spill.
..Clothing that has come into contact with the mercury must not be
dry-cleaned or washed in a washing machine and must be securely
..Evacuate and seal the contaminated area immediately.
Contact a specialist cleaning company to remove the mercury ASAP.

Specialist cleaning chemicals and techniques are essential  to ensure the safe
removal of all present mercury. Extreme Cleaning UK utilises exceptionally
competent and highly trained technicians who follow strict guidelines and
safety procedures to carry out a mercury spill clean up.
Bird and pigeon feces (guano) carries harmful bacteria from dried pigeon
droppings such as:
Salmonella: from feather dust, nasal secretions and feces.
Histoplasmosis: a respiratory fungal infection that occurs from inhaling
airborne spores from dried bird droppings. The symptoms of
Histoplasmosis are similar to pneumonia and can be fatal if left untreated.
Histoplasmosis can be very serious in children and those with compromised
immune systems.
Cryptococcal meningitis: a fungal disease carried in the feces of pigeons and
present in the surrounding areas of roosting pigeons. The illness occurs
when airborne spores are inhaled from dried pigeon waste.
Mercury spills are dangerous, toxic and widely used in many household,
medical and commercial items as well as scientific apparatus. If an item
that contains mercury breaks and the mercury is exposed it can evaporate
become invisible and release an odorless vapor in to the air which will then
be breathed in. Exposure of mercury can lead to mercury poisoning, with
toxic effects which include damage to the brain, kidneys, lungs, digestive
and immune system and may be fatal.
Mercury exposure poses a serious threat to unborn babies and can cause
vision, hearing and even brain damage. Pregnant women should avoid any
area contaminated with mercury and should never attempt to clean up a
mercury spill themselves.
Children and pets should not have any exposure to mercury and must be
removed from the area.
Odours are a common problem present in a vast range of situations.
Extreme Cleaning UK use the latest in odour removal techniques leaving
the affected area clean and odour free.
The first thing you should do is remove the cause of the odour then
proceed to eliminate any lingering odours within the atmosphere.
This involves the release of aerosoled chemicals in to the localised
environment to neutralise any foul or malodours, known as"fogging".
Whilst sanitising and killing all airborne particles, even in places that are
usually inaccessible.
Extreme Cleaning UK remove unpleasant odours from: